Insulin Like Growth Factor

The goal of a body builder is to build muscle mass, get bulked up, and cut the best way they can. This often means a supplement routine that will help maximize efforts in the gym. The latest ingredients that both body builders and some athletics are boasting about to get an increase in muscle tissue is IGF-1 or Insulin Like Growth Factor and HGH or human growth hormone.

What is IGF-1?

IGF-1 is considered to be the most important growth hormone produced in the human body, usually in high levels when someone is going through puberty. During that time, IGF-1 helps to build natural muscle growth by stimulating protein inside muscle cells and causing it to increase. This in turn helps to create new muscle tissue, as it produces energy by making the cells burn fat.

Insulin Like Growth Factor has been used in scientific testing to prevent muscle tissue from wasting away when caused by side effects of medications like Prednisone. It both preserved the muscle tissue, as well as increased muscle mass. It also helped to inhibit the appetite and promote weight loss.

How are HGH and IGF Related?

HGH or human growth hormone is another component that affects a child's growth as they go through puberty and it is produced in a person's pituitary gland. HGH must be turned into Insulin Like Growth Factor by a process in the liver. But when it was discovered that it was possible to bypass this process by taking pure IGF-1, and then most users had little use for HGH anymore.

Even though they may appear to some to be similar substances, Insulin Like Growth Factor and human growth hormone are not the same. The body actually keeps making HGH even after puberty, but as a person ages, it gets less and less.

HGH induces IGF-1 to be produced and that in turn causes cellular growth, especially in the muscles. Both of these products are something that body builders crave since they can help build muscle tissue quicker than by natural means.

Insulin Like Growth Factor causes cell growth in the muscles, skin, nerves, bones, lungs, cartilage and kidneys. It is also one of the reasons why people age, since the levels of both HGH and IGF fall beginning at about age 30.

How Do Body Builders Get HGH and IGF-1?

Athletes and body builders wishing to get the muscle building affects of HGH and IGF-1 have turned to a product called Antler-X, which is derived from the velvet from deer antlers.

Deer antler velvet has high amounts of IGF-1 and is what helps deer grow new antlers each season. It is an all natural supplement that is mixed with other ingredients to help users to grow muscle tissue fast.

Antler X doesn't require a prescription and can be purchased easily online. Even though it is a legal supplement and is completely safe, it is not allowed in some professional sports competitions. Unlike steroids or HGH, however, Antler-X doesn't show up on testing, making it something some athletes are using to get bigger muscles.

The bottom line is that bodybuilders want to bulk up and build muscle tissue and by using HGH and IGF-1 they can make this happen. For more information on how to reach your bodybuilding goals, visit

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